SKySMS GroupWise 2012 Special

SKySMS GroupWise 2012 Special

GroupWise 2012 is here! We at SKyPRO are excited! We want to share the excitement with you and make sure you will be up to date at all times. Enterprise text messaging is one of the most efficient communications channels and can be integrated with GroupWise.

To celebrate GroupWise 2012 SKyPRO is giving away free software!

SKySMS, our enterprise text messaging solution, can be downloaded for free using a discount code that we give away at our booth.

Swing by our booth at GWAVACon, have some chocolate, and let us show you how text messaging is being used within the enterprise world. If you are not at GWAVACon, please contact us and we will make sure you get the promo code.

SKyPRO is giving away 3-user SKySMS servers allowing 3 users to use enterprise text messaging tightly integrated within GroupWise.

To learn more about this special offer please go to the SKyPRO booth on the exhibition floor at GWAVACon or contact our support team for online information.

Download your free SKySMS copy now.