Introducing Audit, Compliance & Data Intelligence v4

Auditability, Evidence and Performance

SKyPRO’s ACDI ensures compliance through auditability.

Get what you expect from Identity & Access Management

Avoid shutdown

Ensure you are complying with rules and regulations at any given time with all your data. 

Save time & money

Automate complex reporting. Instantly create and deliver the reports you and your requestors need.

Stay secure

Know and react to cyber risk exposures in real time to keep cybersecurity rock-solid.

Enhance transparency

Constantly know what your data looks like and what your IDM system is doing. Use this info to support internal and externally driven investigations or analyses.

Real-time data

Real-time forensic analysis of ALL data, current and past.

Auditability, Evidence and Performance

Shed light in the dark unknown of Identity & Access Management data.

As an add-on for NetIQ Identity Manager, ACDI simplifies the routine around Identity Management through the automation of tasks and the flexibility as well as scalability it has to offer.

In addition the system health is checked with monitoring of real-time data and events within the company’s IDM environment.

Flexible. Powerful. Easy-to-use. Get to know the Audit. Compliance & Data Intelligence.