GWAVA Messaging security protects your enterprise network and messaging system. It provides industry leading antivirus, anti-spam, anti-malware, cybercrime protection, DDoS protection, and porn blocking with image analysis!
The GWAVA 7 release features several major changes to GWAVA’s architecture, setup, and interface.
  • GWAVA 7 includes an all-new, redesigned drag and drop browser-based interface
    that provides easy access to tools, including exceptions,
    text filters, quarantine, and administration.
  • Grant your users specific role-based access, right within GWAVA. The new Access Control List allows you to manage user access to features and functions of GWAVA, based on the roles you set. Named users can now have access to certain administration features without having full administration rights.
  • GWAVA 7’s multi-tenant support enables multiple independent instances of GWAVA scan configurations to run on the same server. It allows you to have all the functionality of GWAVA, while supporting multiple customers from one system. This is especially relevant for larger customers, resellers and ISPs who are hosting GWAVA as a service for their customers..

new Features