Micro Focus is excited to announce the availability of Micro Focus Filr 3.3 with following new capabilities:

  • Multi Tenancy:
    Host Filr for different tenants in a very easy and cost effective manner.
  • Filr Plugin for Microsoft Office:
    Users will now be able to open, save, save as and share Microsoft Office files to and from Filr directly from Microsoft Office applications.
  • File request:
    Filr users can request non-Filr users to just upload one file in an easy and anonymous way.
  • Easy way to unshare:
    Unshare all the files and folders you had shared in one click with “Unshare” button in web client.
  • Support for macOS High Sierra
  • Mobile apps:
    • Now take photos that you want to save in Filr from Filr mobile apps
    • Play Videos directly in your Filr Mobile App (Android)
    • For Android app users – you can upload multiple files in background

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