Your perfect extension to Micro Focus Identity Manager.

Simplify creation, analysis, documentation, and collaboration in Micro Focus Identity Management projects and environments.

With more than 10 years in the Identity Management industry, we at SKyPRO want to help consultants, administrators, and developers save time and work more efficiently.

As a part of our continuous product enhancement, we are excited to announce the release of IDM Toolbox 2.0 forMicro Focus Identity ManagerIt improves collaboration and efficiency of project management, consultants and developers dealing with Identity and Access Management. Namely, IDM Toolbox facilitates working with driver specifications, documentation, translation workflow, working process, and mail templates. Furthermore, with the IDM Toolbox copying or bulk changes of directories are done just in a few seconds. Also, you can reduce the testing time by creating real test scenarios from existing live data in several minutes.

With the IDM Toolbox from SKyPRO you can track and save project changes using automatic versioning. Moreover, this Identity Management extension discovers problems before they occur using periodic analysis of your driver trace files.

The newly released IDM Toolbox version 2.0 offers updated functionality that indeed saves time and adds more efficiency to your Identity Management.

Identity Management with IDM Toolbox 2.0 from SKyPRO

In the newest version, we proudly present the following improvements and capabilities to boost your Identity Management:

  • Updated, more user-friendly user interface
  • Clone Directory, Object Modifier, and Tree view
  • Log analyzer and support for Active Directory logs
  • DryRun for Object Modifier and Clone Directory
  • Clone Directory support for Active Directory
  • New report filter for Range data.
Use IDM Toolbox 2.0 and save time for more interesting tasks. Download the newest version from the product page and improve the way you do your Identity Management.