Show all event details of your Identity Management System in Dashboards and take control over your IAM environment.

SKyPRO is continually working on improving all of their products. The Identity Management Audit & Compliance Dashboard is a powerful, simple to install and easy to use audit tool for Micro Focus Identity Manager. It enables the user to generate real-time dashboards and historical data reports for audit and compliance purposes. Enterprise security management has grown more and more important. Therefore, monitoring your IDM system, your drivers and workflows in real time is of outmost importance. The SKyPRO Audit & Compliance Dashboard helps you see exactly when attributes have been changed on specific objects l

The newly released IDM Audit & Compliance Dashboard version 2.5.1 empowers users with even more detailed control over what happens within the Identity and Access Management system. Review all the different events that have taken place on users, groups, roles etc. in the last days, weeks or months. All events are marked with dates, time, object name, attribute.

Identity Management Audit & Compliance Dashboard v.2.5.1

IDM Audit & Compliance Dashboard v.2.5.1

The newest version includes the following key improvements and capabilities:

  • Improved Kibana Authentication (work with sub-trees from Base DN).
  • Simultaneous usage of Full DN & short names for LDAP Authentication to Kibana & AuditServer.
  • More control for Debug Messages in logs added.
  • AuditServer UI improvements.
  • Better Elasticsearch memory usage for cluster information.
  • Enhanced search for objects in Object History Browser.


Experience the extended functionality of the new Identity Management Audit & Compliance Dashboard v.2.5.1 downloading it from the product page.