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Powerful solutions developed with most advanced technologies

Basing on years of experience in IT sphere, we deliver products and services that completely meet the needs of our customers.
The customer-oriented innovations are the heart of our company culture and help us to reach top-notch development results. We also adhere to cooperation approach that maximizes the benefits from our products and services for our customers.

SKyPRO Company



Software development

Do you have an issue that requires a unique and efficient solution? We are ready to solve it by creating the solution from scratch and ensure its’ implementation


IT Services

We offer Consulting, Implementation and Support of your business in the field of Communication and Identity and Access Governance. Our company also can provide you with a modern hosting center for secure storage of your data.


Complex maintenance

We provide 24/7 support for all our products including online sessions and customizing the products on client’s site according the customer goals and needs.


Thorough solutions

In our focus: development, design and implementation of Communication and Identity & Access Governance solutions intended to keep your environment secure and convenient in operation.







  • 1987
    SKyPRO AG was founded by Andreas and Horst Fuhrmann Development and Release of several PRODOS Versions. A software to optimize the workflow inside production facilities
  • 1988
    Installation of SKyPRO's first Local Area Network (LAN) based on NetWare 286 Release of Saturn v1.0, an ERP solution to complement SKyPRO's PRODOS Software
  • 1990
    Development of the SKyMenuManager (User Menu), a tool to greatly simplify the use of a LAN for the average user
  • 1991
    Installation of SKyPRO's first high availability clustered server system for a Swiss bank (Credit Suisse)based on NetWare SFT-III using fiber optics
  • 1994
    Installation of SKyPRO's first NetWare 4.x that included NetWare Directory Services (later re-branded Novell Directory Services (NDS)) - The first solution that used a global directory service in which infrastructure as well as users were described and managed in a single place (NDS)
  • 2002
    SKyPRO First Identity Management Project using Novell Directory Services (Swisscom IT Services)
  • 2007
    SKyPRO Ukraine LTD was founded - as Software Development Center in Ukraine     - Primarily for IDM related Development Services
  • 2008
    Release of SKyCOM v1.0 and SKySMS v1.0
  • 2009
    SKyPRO USA INC was founded in Sunnyvale CA     - as international Sales Office FaxGwise v3.5 was purchased by SKyPRO
  • 2010- 2016
    Internal Development of several IDM Connectors, IAM Tools and Products     - IDM Toolbox, DT-LDAP Cacher, Audit & Compliance      Dashboard, PowerRole     - EJBCA PKI Driver, Cisco CUCM Connector, Avaloq      Banking Connector
  • 2010
    Release of FaxGwise v4.0
  • 2012
    Release of Komnicator v1.0
  • 2014
    Release of SKySMS v1.3 and FaxGwise 6.0
  • 2016
    Release of SKyDrop v2.0 and Komnicator 1.2
  • Sept. 2016
    International Sales Start for the SKyPRO IAM Product Line       - IDM Toolbox v1.0.3, DT-LDAP Cacher v1.1, Audit &         Compliance Dashboard v1.0, PowerRole 2.0       - EJBCA PKI Driver, Cisco CUCM Connector, Avaloq        Banking Connector
  • 2017
    Release of SERAS v1.0 - SKyPRO's Enhanced REST API Services Release of ACD v2.0, PowerRole v2.1 and SKyDrop v2.5
  • 2018
    Release of SKyPRO's Cisco CUCM Connector v2.0 (supporting the newest CUCM versions) Release of ACD v2.5 and IDM Toolbox 2.0

SKyPRO in the making

Since 1987 SKyPRO helps companies around the world to solve various challenges using our products and services. We have offices in Switzerland, USA and Ukraine that allow us to run the workflow in an optimezed and productive way to achieve the excellent results.

For more than a decade we specialize in building optimal and customized Identity and Access Governance solutions to meet clients’ needs and requirements in the areas of security and compliance.

Andreas Fuhrmann

Combined with our profound knowledge and skills related to firewalls, Access Management and EndPoint security, we deliver complex, thought-out and robust security solutions.

In addition to our various IT services, SKyPRO offers specialized software products and custom programming in the areas of Identity & Access Governance and Unified Communication.

Horst Fuhrmann

We offer integration modules, project, documentation, design and analysis tools, compliance and audit add-ons as well as role management products. We integrate SMS and Fax into your email application or extend your collaboration system to a complete unified communication solution including VoIP,  instant messaging, social media, SMS and Fax.

Our company knows how to build and operate stable, secure and efficient IT infrastructures and uses the latest virtualization, high-availability and clustering technologies.

SKyPRO company

Company management

Horst Fuhrmann

Horst Fuhrmann

CEO and co-founder

Andreas Fuhrmann

CEO and co-founder

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