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Improve compliance and security within your Identity Management system by building live audit dashboards, reports, and historical data

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Mastering Identity Management with Audit & Compliance Dashboard

The Audit & Compliance Dashboard is a powerful, flexible, and user-friendly Identity Management software. It allows you to generate thorough real-time dashboards and historical data reports for audit and compliance purposes.

With the Audit & Compliance Dashboard, you can monitor your Identity Management system, your drivers and workflows in real time. Moreover, it shows exactly when an attribute was changed for specific objects. This Identity and Access Management solution also enables you to review all the events that have taken place on users, groups, roles etc. in the last days, weeks or month. By the way, all events are marked with date, time, object name, attribute, modify, old and new value.

Applying the Audit & Compliance Dashboard to your Identity Management, you ensure security within your IDM environment as all events within your driver channels are monitored (including the status message received from the connected system). Also you improve your compliance using the integrated object history browser and reports offered by Audit & Compliance Dashboard.

Audit & Compliance Dashboard functions

Audit & Compliance Dashboard for your Identity Management


  • The Audit Dashboard supplies each outcome in your directory with a timestamp, object name, attribute, old and new value along with the modifier names in real time
  • Stay informed about possible security threats and attacks with the Security Dashboards live information
  • Get all data that has been held by your driver channels using the Driver Dashboard
  • In the Workflow Dashboard you see all running and finished workflows with initiator, recipient, status and processing time
  • With the Compliance Dashboard, you compare objects and attribute values from different periods

Audit & Compliance Dashboard for your Identity and Access Management


  • Generate Audit Reports over different time periods. Furthermore, use data selections applying individual data filters
  • Create your individual Backup Schedule to track and compare object data from different time periods
  • Select predefined reports for a user, group, roles, resources, role-assignments, etc.
  • The integrated Report Wizard lets you create your own reports just in a few minutes
  • Over the Report Editor, you modify the integrated reports or create your own with the further possibility of modification
  • Export and Mail all reports in PDF, CSV or XLSX format

Audit & Compliance Dashboard for your Identity Management system


  • Backup your directory using your own individual schedule
  • Based on individual backups, browse and search through historical data using the historical object tree browser
  • Display and export all individual object data in LDIF format
  • Restore single objects using LDIF Export
  • Compare objects from differing snapshots using the Object Compare Mode. Besides, differences will be indicated and can be investigated.

Identity Management with Audit & Compliance Dashboard



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