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The SKyPRO Enhanced REST API Service (SERAS) makes it easy to develop and expose REST APIs for any LDAP based data server. It can be configured as a highly flexible, resilient and scalable system (clustered).

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RESTful Web Service API using Java

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) has been around since the 1990s. It is an effective protocol for accessing directories, but regrettably, it is not web-based. SKyPRO has now developed an Enhanced REST API Service (SERAS). This highly scalable, manageable and adaptive service provides web-based REST access to any LDAP data.

SERAS functions



  • No Passwords transmitted. If configured as the case might be no password will ever be sent over the internet, in place of it tokens will be used
  • Only allowed operation performed on the SERAS. You define all allowed data operations, all other not explicitly allowed operations will be blocked
  • One stack to secure. SERAS enables you to implement REST APIs that:
    • can support all client environments
    • can connect to several LDAP data sources at the same time
  • Reduced attack surface using SERAS. You secure the REST APIs you define. If there is a breach, then just these APIs are exposed and not the data

Separation of Software Development and Data Access


Today Twitter, Youtube and Facebook’s identification services allow hundreds of companies to generate business thanks to REST and REST APIs. REST is the most coherent, proficient and comprehensive standard in the creation of web API REST for the internet services. SKyPRO’s SERAS allows an administrator to separate data access from business logic and specify a clearly structured REST API service. Front-end programmers with strong development skills (application developers) can then focus on the more pure business logic tasks.



Another huge advantage of SKyPRO’s Enhanced REST API Service is that data managers are able to build RESTful APIs that can be readily accessed by any development language without requiring any driver software to be installed. Each modern and legacy PL along with COBOL and Fortran support HTTP/HTTPS and hennes REST is built in.



Today ubiquitous connectivity is essential. More and more companies are looking to adopt to the new microservices architecture and agile development techniques that break down large, monolithic applications into smaller modules. Web API REST Services are organized certainly to that architecture design principle and give the opportunities to small and more autonomous teams to iterate faster by assisting smaller increments of needed functionality, getting feedback from customers and reiterate again.




SERAS – A REST API For Directory Access

SERAS – A REST API For Directory Access

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Educational price list

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Educational pricing overview

Installation Manual

Installation Manual


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SERAS Introduction

SERAS Service Configuration

SERAS Certificate Installation


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