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File Drop service for people who like it simple.

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File transfer & document sharing solution with Swiss security

SKyDrop is a file sharing solution for people who like everything to be done as simply as possible. The materials you or users you shared your Drop with upload to SKyDrop stay available for as long as you decide. When their validity time expires they are automatically deleted from your account so your storage space can be used again.

SKyDrop Functions

Every Drop in your account is like your personal workplace where all necessary files are organized just the way you like. You can add or remove files to this Drop, send the link to email addresses along with a message directly from the Drop interface, or copy the link to your Clipboard. By giving access to your Drop, you define which users can download files and who is allowed to upload files as well. All users you share your Drop with can leave their comments to files. This way feedback about your work is saved directly within the Drop.

Online file transfer up to 1GB via SKyDrop is for free. If you need more space subscribe for SKyDrop Pro and get 10GB of storage space.

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