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Lower the cost of your Role Based Access Control (RBAC) project and shorten the integration process of your role model.

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Role model integration process made easy by PowerRole

PowerRole is an Add-On to the Micro Focus Identity Manager. It automates the import of existing roles, resources and role assignments. Role assignments can be scheduled with start and end date. The role assignments can be done with or without executing the approval processes. This allows the import of initial role models or mass modification of roles, resources and role assignments within minutes.

PowerRole Functions for user roles management

role based authorization
PowerRole  automates…

…the import of roles, resources and role assignments.

  • Bulk import of resources including entitlements from CSV text file
  • Bulk import of roles including inherited roles, assigned resources and entitlements from CSV text file
  • Replacement or complement existing roles and resources
  • Assignment of owner, name, decription, trustees, workflow and approvers
automatization of role assignments
PowerRole enables…

…initial assignments of roles and resources to your employees:

  • Bulk import of role or resource assignments from CSV text file
  • Replacement or complement existing role or assignments
  • Scheduled activation or termination of role assignments
  • Assignment of role or resource with or without performing the approval process


User roles management with PowerRole


Installation guide for PowerRoller - a powerful tool for user roles management

Installation Guide



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