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Data center – design, build and maintain the Swiss way

Your data center builds the foundation of your business and supports your enterprise growth. Enable your users with the resources they need, while you reduce costs, mitigate risks, and maximize the value of your IT infrastructure. We support you in building and maintaining reliable, stable and efficient data centers. Trust our experience in the areas of virtualization, clustering, workload management as well as in the challenges around data management, backup and restore.

Server Clustering

Server Clustering

Do you have mission-critical applications that won’t allow any failure – not even a couple of minutes? Do your servers resolve intensive computing tasks? Do you want to avoid the use of special computer equipment and save costs? Rely on our experience in server clustering.

Cluster server provide solutions for different application types:

  • High availability cluster (HA-cluster) are used to increase availability and to improve system stability. They are ideal for critical environments where maximum downtimes of only a few minutes per year are allowed.
  • Load balancing cluster (LB-cluster) are built to balance the workload across multiple machines. With these clusters inexpensive standard computers can be used instead of expensive special purpose machines.
  • High performance computing cluster (HPC-cluster) are used for processing intensive computing tasks. These computing tasks are divided among multiple knots. HPC Cluster are mainly found in the scientific environments.


Respond quicker and more efficient to the dynamics within your market using an automated data center, which was built on virtualization platforms that have proven themselves in real life. With the help of virtualization, you can make resources, applications, servers and networks available anytime, exactly where you need them. Virtualization usually saves about 50% of total costs by consolidating your resource pools and delivering highly available machines.

We help you to find the virtualization solution that best fits your needs:

  • Hardware virtualization saves considerable hardware costs, footprint in your data center and reduces your energy costs. For example can you utilize this technology to bring all the resources from your existing physical servers that normally only use 30 percent of processor, memory and hard disk capacity to a pool used by multiple virtual machines.
  • Server partitioning allows the use of multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, etc. on a single server. It uses the increasing hardware performance, in summarizing many operating systems with minimal resource consumption on a few physical servers.
  • Storage virtualization increases the utilization rate of your systems. Restructuring or extension of the physical memory requirements remain unnoticed by the user and is easier to handle by the administrator.
  • Network virtualization optimizes the performance, reliability, flexibility, scalability and security of your networks. This virtualization is especially effective for networks that are subject to sudden, large or unforeseen peak loads.
Workload Management

Workload Management

Workload management enables secure and compliant management and optimization of computing resources across physical, virtual and cloud environments, thus paving the way for the provisioning of business services to end customers.

  • Our methods for consolidation of mission-critical servers are both simple and safe, because they are based on an interplay of dynamic infrastructure, virtualization and identity management, and the development of software appliances. If necessary, new workloads will be added on the fly
  • Our Data Center Consolidation solution provides the industry’s most comprehensive platform and hypervisor support. This means this solution is able to migrate hundreds of Windows, Linux and UNIX servers as well as virtual machines running on VMware, Xen and Microsoft. We reduce the risks associated with migrating hundreds of servers and virtual machines, as the workloads can be fully tested profiling and migration prior to commissioning in the new environments.


Data security and data availability in heterogeneous networks is one of the most important tasks. Units can be replaced, data not necessarily

If you want to behave conforming to the law, you need to archive your business correspondence, parts of your accounting and much more. Decisive criteria for selecting a backup method is the speed of the backup drawing itself and the speed and degree of detail when restoring. Find your ideal backup procedures with us:

  • To back up large amounts of data in small time frame, special Multiplex Backup procedures are applied. This minimizes the time for planned and unplanned data backup tasks considerably.
  • The backup solutions we use are certified for several virtualization platforms and reliably backup virtualized servers and their physical platform – ready for a full recovery. The access to individual files of the backed up virtual server or to restore the entire virtual machine on image level is fully supported. Our solutions provide extensions, that have been developed specifically for virtual IT environments in order to prevent the data GAU with little financial, time and effort.
  • Online modules for backing up databases and applications enable end-of-lifetime (EOL) strategies, archiving of disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) and Point in Time Recovery, therefore only the necessary data is transferred. Manage your backups and redo logs both Online and Offline
  • With a Bare System Recovery (BSR) you can restore a server with an operating system and all settings as well as all data quickly and safely. The BSR can even restore the entire system to another, different from the original, system hardware.
Data Management

Data Management

The redundant storage of multiple versions of the same document, “forgotten” files of former employees, social media postings, pictures or movies; all that lets your data volume explode. Moreover, regulatory requirements can force you to keep these files for 10 years or longer. “Big Data” is not simply a matter of size, but rather a question of where these files are stored and how well they are managed.

With our solutions for data management, we are happy to support you in organizing your data:

  • A comprehensive data governance solution offers effective protection against data loss and slows the enormous flood of data of today’s office applications.
  • Through automated File Reporting you will receive reports about your terabytes of data, so you always know which files are located on which servers and who has access to those files.
  • File Migration ensures that important data is stored on fast online media, while less important data is automatically moved to more cost-effective manner. Nevertheless, all of the data for users and auditors who need them will be always available.
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