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Device and mobile workforce management for your organization

Be more productive, at lower cost and higher security with thoughtful End-User Computing solutions. Do your employees work alone or in teams? Do they only use a desktop or also mobile devices? Are they working at the office most of the time, do they also work from home or do they travel the world? EndUser Computing covers the automatic setup of workstations and the distribution of software und the definition, the management and the enforcement of workstation policies to all end user devices. These can be desktops, laptops or mobile tablets or smartphones. On one side all your users need access to necessary data using any devices from any location at any time on the other side you have to ensure, that only authorized people obtain access to critical data.

Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management

With Endpoint management solutions, you can simplify your endpoint management of device lifecycles on different platforms and in different locations, and reduce costs. By standardizing and automating management tasks, we help you to reduce the complexity of IT operations and to optimize them. We offer management functions that cover change and configuration management as well as asset management and security management for desktops, notebooks, servers, tablet, smartphones and other network devices. Thereby we achieve the securing of legal software use, the enforcement of security policies and the elimination of risks.

Thanks to policy-based automation, you can:

  • Set up workstations quickly, uniformly and according to safety standards
  • Roll out new applications quickly and easily throughout the operation
  • Easily enforce security policies, such as encryption or blocking of external devices
  • Eliminate redundant administration tasks
  • Increase administrative efficiency
  • React more quickly to security issues
  • Ensure user productivity by offering a stable and secure environment
Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration & Communication

SKyPRO offers a wide range of collaboration solutions and supporting services that boost productivity and accelerate innovations. Reduce costs, complexities and risks with solutions that are based on our experience of over 25 years – and on our commitment to find ideal solutions for our customers.

Improving the productivity of individuals and teams

Employees today often use tools for social collaboration also in private life and give your company a great advantage because in the right hands, these tools can increase the potential for innovation and productivity enormously. Our solutions for real-time social collaboration open up new ways of collaboration and provide a high degree of interoperability and security.

Managing collaboration data

With the increasing use and proliferation of collaboration, generated volume data also increases. The growing flood of information and the fact that mission-critical data is spread across different systems are a real challenge for companies. We provide tools to manage the lifecycle of your collaboration data and to synchronize the data across different business applications. For instance our email archiving brings you a clear functional value and complies with the relevant legal requirements.

File and Storage Management

File & Storage Management

Our file & storage management delivers powerful identity-based protection of all confidential company information on your devices.

The increasing demands on speed, availability and capacity of storage solutions can be mastered with our file & storage management. The optimization of storage resources and the flexible integration of multi-vendor storage technologies helps to circumvent expensive memory upgrade of performant primary storage to meet the company-specific needs of today.

How many of the confidential data is stored on your company’s mobile devices? Using our file & storage solutions, you have them always under control – regardless of the locations of your employees.

With the help of intelligent policies on your devices, we ensure safe use of removable media.

In a simple way, you can define and enforce your rules for data encryption policies and guarantee the optimal data security

Combine the administration of all devices in a user-friendly, web-based console.

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