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Identity and access management consulting company SKyPRO – why us?


Prevent security problems on time with automated solutions that reliably enforce your security policies. SKyPRO Identity Management, Privileged Access Management, Security Management and Сompliance and Risk Management solutions have been approved by many companies. With our long-term experience, we can find a suitable solution also for your requirements and security problems.

Identity and Access Governance

Identity & Access Governance

A high number of end users leads to potential threats to your company’s data security. Fortunately, your business does not need to take any risks when assigning access to data resources and critical applications.

SKyPRO AG has been implementing innovative secure access management and privilege identity management solutions in banks, property insurance companies, businesses and administrations for many years. We develop and implement Identity Lifecycle processes for cyber security identity and access management across all IT-relevant systems and applications within the company and into the cloud. This involves the administration of an identity lifecycle which creates, maintains and terminates an identity as needed, as well as runs the authorization requests, including approval, recertification, risk assessment and separation of duties.

SKyPRO solutions provide automated provisioning of user accounts across heterogeneous systems, authorization of requests including self-service and user rights monitoring via workflows to enforce policies and to implement recertification. We assist with user role management and moderation, risk analysis, reporting to follow up the compliance requirements, and tracking access to your valuable file resources.

Secure Access

Secure Access

There is nothing more dangerous than a professional hacker – except, perhaps, an angry employee, and with our Information Security Management solutions you proactively ensure rock-solid security in your company.

Hackers and cheaters have never been as well organized, motivated and aggressive as they are today. In addition, there are also serious threats that arise within the company. Whether the threat is from an outraged ex-employee, a current employee with extortionate intentions or simply from a careless insider, we come into play with our User Access Management software to protect you from internal and external threats.

High-performance security management is the central nervous system of every company. Get a better view of past events, current status, and possible vulnerabilities with your optimal security solution – as a result you get event logging that delivers the most robust, scalable, and well-engineered SIEM solutions.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Do you meet regulatory compliance regulations? Don’t worry, it is easier than you think.

Our compliance management solutions ensure that internal policies and external regulations can be implemented, maintained and compliance can be verified. Our unique Swiss quality and professional approach combines identity, access, and security management solutions so you always know exactly who and when is accessing which application, and if that user is authorized. Security Compliance Software from SKyPRO enables effective risk management and eliminates expensive and time-consuming compliance tasks. Detect security risks and compliance breaches in real time and resolve internal issues before they impact externally.

SKyPRO compliance management solutions provide:

  • Compliance automation and validation
  • Access regulation
  • Security and vulnerability management

The result: Potential threats are responded immediately and compliance is well-substantiated if need be.

We guarantee secure access by trusted users and provide you with comprehensive, real-time insight into network and user operations.

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