It's still a fax - but now it's in your mailbox!

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What is FaxGwise?

FaxGwise is a server based, FoIP capable fax solution. It is compatible with common PBX's and integrates with popular email systems, allowing to send, receive and manage faxes like emails.
FaxGwise also features an email to fax gateway and a cloud version will be available in Q2 2016.

  • Send and receive faxes like email
  • Send and receive faxes from PC's, laptops and mobile
  • Compatible with 3rd party soft and hardware
  • FoIP compatible

See the advantages

All employees in your office will be able to fax practically every document they can print from and to their mailboxes! Never leaving their desks. Paperless, fast and easy.
No more standing in queues to fax machines with paper jams and no ink!
They can send and receive faxes just like email, from anywhere.
Do you want to see your team working more effective right now? No problem!

How it's done today

Access from everywhere

FaxGwise integrates with your email system, allowing you to send and receive faxes like email. Send, receive and manage faxes from any device or location you can access email. The integrated email-to-fax gateway provides countless integration opportunities into other programs and work flows. FaxGwise turns a traditional way of exchanging paper documents into an integrated and compatible communication channel.


A server based system is easier to maintain, manage, update, keeping redundant, compliant and running than having multiple stand alone fax machine spread out in your environment. With FoIP technology a virtual server assures you have an efficient system, connected with your existing email and telephony environment.

24/7 Support

Our qualified support specialists are here for you when you need them. Right from the first time when you install an evaluation we stand by you in a remote session, guide you through installation and give you training. We help you troubleshoot any questions you might have 24/7.

Fax over IP (FoIP)

By default fax can not travel over a digital VoIP network. However the FaxGwise server can connect to a VoIP phone server using the T38 protocol to transmit faxes via a digital network. Using this feature you will eliminate the need for analog fax lines and will significantly lower your fax bill. FaxGwise can connect to most digital PBX's and online SIP services. SKyPRO also offers VoIP service for your FaxGwise server.


Securely send, receive and manage faxes within Microsoft Exchange, Gmail and Novell GroupWise.

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Schedule free remote installation including training

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