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Software development

Software Development

Founded in 1987, SKyPRO is a company that has been developing high-quality software for more than 30 years. We are no newcomers to this business. We know what we do and we look forward to be working with you.

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New business requirements force you to set up new systems or applications that you have not dealt with until today. You are looking for a professional and straightforward partner who will support you in design, implementation and maintenance.

SKyPRO products


The many years of close cooperation with our customers build the foundation of our products in such areas as Security and Access Governance and Communication. Thanks to the experience of many projects, we constantly improve our software.

Identity and Access Governance solution for a world wide industry company

Success Story

SKyPRO deployed Micro Focus Identity Manager as an Identity and Access Governance solution for a world wide industry company that has more than 5,000 employees in 55 countries, and over 300 locations worldwide.

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Enhanced REST API Service


The SKyPRO Enhanced REST API Service (SERAS) makes it easy to develop and expose REST APIs for any LDAP based data server. It can be configured as a highly flexible, resilient and scalable system (clustered).

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IDM Toolbox revolutionizes the way you work in IDM projects

IDM ToolBox

With the help of IDM Toolbox you can revolutionize the way you work in IDM projects. It improves the collaboration and effectiveness of project management and provides a highest level of workflow.

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SKyPRO maintains close cooperation with the colleagues working on integration of Micro Focus applications in their products

SKyPRO at TTP EMEA Conference

Being engaged in active development of the products integrated with Micro Focus applications, SKyPRO company maintains close cooperation with our colleagues working in this

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SKyPRO role model for improved enterprise data security and Identity Management at Helsana

"The new role model from SKyPRO has not only relieved our HelpDesk but also significantly improved our security as well as the user right transparency."

Franz Schnyder.

Helsana Versicherungen AG

Dübendorf, Switzerland


The Identity and Access Management solution for Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG

"The Identity & Access Management solution developed by SKyPRO makes it possible for us to effectively manage our international employee base."

Eduard Hallinger.

Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG

Schaan, Liechtenstein


Implementation and support of fax over IP software for University of St. Francis

"There is good service and then there is SKyPRO! Outstanding support from day 1! I could not believe that this level of high quality support existed, two thumbs up!"

Scott Oyer.

University of St. Francis

Joliet, Illinois, USA


Secured external access for employees and partners via all common devices and operating systems for Frauenfeld city

Secure external data access for employees and partners via all common devices and operating systems for Frauenfeld city

"The city of Frauenfeld city was looking for a solution for that provides secured external access for employees, suppliers and partners to our files via all common devices and operating systems. Our previous experience with SKyPRO AG is great. The spread of deployment continues for a long time. Of course, we see some possibilities for improvement and enhancement that will be realized step by step with the next program versions."

Urs Stäheli.


Frauenfeld, Switzerland


SKyPRO access management solution for educanet2 learning platform at gibb

"With the implementation of educanet2 learning platform, the challenge was to manage all classes, learners and teachers with minimal effort within this solution. Thanks to the professional advice of SKyPRO AG, a simple but highly efficient solution was quickly found."

Sonja Morgenegg-Marti.

Commercial-Industrial Vocational School Bern

Bern, Switzerland


Virtualized environment from SKyPRO for reliable infrastructure, security and functionality dynamics of the Davos Kosters Mountains

"We are highly satisfied with the entire course of the project. SKyPRO AG gave an impressive demonstration of its comprehensive know-how and excellent consultation work. With the HP Storage P4500 solution we not only have a reliable infrastructure but also more security and dynamics thanks to the virtualized environment. Davos Klosters Mountains continuously develops and grows – and so does our IT solution."

Thomas Grebner.

Davos Klosters Mountains

Davos, Switzerland


standardization and creation of around 600 software packages to provide efficiency and security to Municipallity of Zug

"SKyPRO AG has provided us with very professional and efficient assistance in the standardization of the software packages. Thanks to the long-time experience of your employees received in other projects, solutions were quickly found and implemented according to new challenges. Thus, the creation of around 600 software packages was completed on time."

Daniel Truttmann.

Municipallity of Zug

Zug, Switzerland


FaxGwise solution for the German Welding Society

"Thanks to FaxGwise my colleagues are now able to receive last-minute fax registrations immediately into their mailboxes while already being at a conference venue. We are now managing faxes like emails while still communicating with people who are using paper faxes. All in all a really fine solution, we are very satisfied."

Holger Zuther.

German Welding Society

Düsseldorf, Germany


Implementation and support of FaxGwise - fax via email solution - for the PBM Supply company

"SKyPRO delivers outstanding service! The support and training is great plus the software is very stable. FoIP makes it very cost efficient and convenient for us. We get our faxes directly into our individual mailboxes."

Joe Dalla.

PBM Supply

Fowler, California, USA


Integration of FaxGwise - a fax to mailbox solution from SKyPRO for GWG der Stadt Kassel m. b. H.

"FaxGwise is a solution that almost never causes any problems. But in case I have questions or requests their support is always ready to help. They answer fast and professional. This is support at its best."

Klaus Metz.

GWG der Stadt Kassel m. b. H.

Kassel, Germany


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