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Reduce the administrative burden and increase the security of your Cisco telephone solution.

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Cisco CUCM for always updated phone numbers and user information in Active Directory

The integration module for the Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) automatically creates and synchronizes users with your Cisco telephone solution. Benefit from a central and always up-to-date phone book.

Save administrative effort, as the AXL SOAP server is part of the CUCM solution and offers a highly flexible and adaptable interface for the entire data exchange. Ensure that – individually adapted to your needs – your telephone connections are up-to-date .

The integration module offers a large number of freely configurable parameters. For example, the to be synchronized user container can be freely defined or the behavior when deleting or deactivating a user can be specified. The driver has a modular design and can be extended to any of the functions of the AXL SOAP interface.

Cisco CUCM Functions

New users are automatically created in the CUCM and telephone number assignments are immediately synchronized back to the central directory. This means that the telephone numbers of your employees are always up-to-date in the central directory.

  • Automatic creation and synchronization of user data
  • Automatic synchronization of telephone numbers
  • Always up-to-date internal phone book
  • Always up-to-date personal information on your VoIP devices

All of an employee's telephone numbers are always transferred to the central directory. Changes to user information in the central directory are also immediately updated in the CUCM.

  • Multiple phone device support per user
  • Reduction of the administration costs of your telephone system
  • Elimination of redundant or incorrect telephone or personal data
  • Ensuring business guidelines for your telephone solution
  • Traceability thanks to individual approval processes


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