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Securely access LDAP directories (AD, OpenLDAP, eDir) via REST with SKyPRO Enhanced REST API Service (SERAS)

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Secure and advanced LDAP data access.

Unlock the power of seamless data exchange using SERAS.
Designed to allow access to any LDAP directory via REST, SERAS offers a suite of features to safeguard your data and fortify your digital ecosystem against evolving threats. 

SERAS opens your LDAP directory in a secure way to access the data via https using secure tokens with strictly limited services, offering only access to data you’re allowed to see and operations you’re allowed to execute.

SERAS Overview

Elevate your security posture, protect your valuable assets, and embrace the future of secure digital communication with confidence.

Key Features

End-to-End Encryption
Protect your data from unauthorized access with industry-leading encryption protocols, ensuring that every byte of information exchanged through your APIs remains confidential and secure.

Authentication & Authorization
Implement customizable authentication mechanisms and granular access controls to verify the identity of users and enforce strict permissions, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive resources.

SERAS: secure and advanced REST access to LDAP data

Scalable & Flexible Deployment
Integrate SERAS into your existing infrastructure and scale effortlessly to accommodate growing workloads.

Redundancy avoided & fail tolerance ensured
SERAS gives you the opportunity to implement a REST API, which can support all client environments and can be connected to several LDAP data sources at the same time.

SERAS Functions


SERAS allows you to securely access any LDAP directory via REST while fortifying your digital ecosystem against evolving threats.
  • No passwords are transmitted. If configured accordingly, no password is transmitted over the Internet; instead, tokens are used.
  • Only approved operations are performed by SERAS. You define all approved data operations; all other operations that are not explicitly approved are blocked.
  • Reduced attack surface with SERAS. They secure the REST APIs you have defined. In the event of a data breach, only these APIs and not the data itself will be attacked.
  • A stack for backup. SERAS gives you the opportunity to implement the REST APIs, which:

– can support all client environments

– can be connected to several LDAP data sources at the same time

Software development separate from data access

Today, identification services from Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook enable hundreds of companies to do business thanks to REST and REST APIs.

REST is the most logical, efficient, and widely used standard for creating APIs for Internet services. SERAS from SKyPRO allows system administrators to separate data access from business logic and to define a clearly structured REST API service. The front-end programmers with strong development skills (the application programmers) can then concentrate on the business-logical tasks.


Another significant advantage of SERAS is that data managers are able to create RESTful APIs that can be easily accessed with development language without installing driver software.

All modern languages and even legacy languages such as COBOL or Fortran support HTTP / HTTPS and thus REST out-of-the-box.

Micro Serices

Nowadays, ubiquitous connectivity is essential. More and more companies want to adapt to new micro services architectures and agile development techniques, which can divide large, monolithic applications into smaller modules.

The RESTful Services are naturally based on this design principle of the architecture and give small and more autonomous teams the opportunity to iterate more quickly by making minor improvements in the necessary functionality, getting feedback from customers, and iterating again.

SERAS Introduction

Service Configuration

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SERAS – a REST API for directory access

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