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Increase the security of your banking solution and meet the highest compliance requirements.

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Avaloq Banking System transparently integrated in OpenText Identity Manager

ingThe integration module for Avaloq integrates the Avaloq banking solution transparently into your existing identity management solution. With the automatic and transparent provision of users and their authorizations, you can increase the security of your financial application and thus meet the high PCI DSS compliance requirements.

The integration module for Avaloq uses the JMS interface for synchronization with Avaloq. In this way, the solution can be seamlessly integrated into an existing SOA architecture. The interface is basically unidirectional and transfers information exclusively to Avaloq.

Users, including their authorizations and by taking into account their starting and ending dates, are synchronized. New users are given a random initial password in Avaloq, which must be changed when they log in for the first time. Teams and organizational units can also be created, changed, and deleted in Avaloq.

The integration module for Avaloq fully supports the Identity Manager RBPM system. Avaloq rights management can therefore be fully integrated into the Identity Manager with its approval procedures and reporting systems.

Avaloq Banking Functions

Driver functionalities

    • Unidirectional synchronization of users, teams, and organizational units
    • Role synchronization while considering their start and end dates
    • Avaloq data cannot be read
    • Automatic generation of Avaloq initial passwords, which have to be changed when you log in for the first time
    • Use of the JMS interface

    Complete support of the Identity Manager’s RBPM system

    • Complete integration into the RBAC system of the Identity Manager
    • IDM authorization roles have entitlements according to Avaloq authorizations
    • Grants all the benefits of the approval process and reports
    • Fulfillment of compliance requirements such as PCI DSS

    Since it is a solution for banking systems, please understand that we do not store a download here. If you require more detailed information, please log on using the download button. We will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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