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Increase the security of your IT infrastructure by automatically creating and exporting digital certificates from your IAM solution.

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Automatically generated certificates in any format for all directory objects

With the help of our integration module for PrimeKey EJBCA PKI solution, you can automatically create certificates for all objects (users, servers, desktops, laptops, printers, telephones, etc.) in your directory.

PrimeKey’s EJBCA is a CA (Certificate Authority) based on J2EE technology and is even used in large companies as a complete PKI infrastructure. With the help of PrimeKey’s native SOAP interface, the integration module creates an object in EJBCA and creates the requested certificates based on a predefined template. The generated certificates are collected via the SOAP interface and saved as additional attributes in your directory. The certificates are automatically exported as PFX, CER or DER files. Furthermore, PFX certificates can be protected with a password.

PrimeKey EJBCA PKI Functions

Soap driver functionalities

  • Creation of entities and certificates based on predefined templates in EJBCA
  • Storage of certificates including private and public keys as additional object attributes in your directory
  • Automatic renewal of certificates before they expire
  • Use of every template defined in EJBCA for the required certificate use
  • SOAP communication is encrypted with a private server key

Flat file driver functions

  • Export of certificates in PFX, CER or DER format
  • Optional password protection of PFX files
  • Automatic export of renewed certificates

Certificate Usages

  • Strong authentication for users
  • 802.1X port authentication
  • SSL communication with server and clients
  • Smart card based logins
  • Signing and encryption of mails
  • VPN connections
  • Signing of documents
  • Single sign on
  • And much more


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