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In the implementation phase, we create the solution according to the requirements and functions defined in the conception. The phases of software development are, in a sense, a manufacturing process where the focus is on managing resources and controlling operations – with the aim of meeting or, at best, improving costs, schedules, and quality. The central activities of this phase include software project management, the setup, configuration, and individual development of your solution. This is followed by adapted integration tests and implementation in the productive environment.


Project Management

Professional project management is a prerequisite for the implementation of complex IT projects. External and internal resources must be coordinated. Deadlines must be adhered to and costs monitored. In-depth tests are required to check whether the specifications defined in the design are being adhered to. Here you benefit from our experience and field-tested methods from countless projects.


Software planning and the provision of the necessary resources, both on the part of the service provider and internal employees, are key factors for the timely implementation of a project. If too few resources are available or technical requirements are not met, project delays are already specified. Our project team will help you choose the right resources and employees.


In the implementation phase, our system engineers and software developers create your individual solution based on the work specified in the basic concept. The central activities of this software project phase include the construction, configuration, and individually adapted development of your solution as well as corresponding integration tests.


After the implementation of your solution, we support you with acceptance tests and the provision of the solution in the desired production environment. The implementation phase also means activating the support processes and resources that will be available to you after implementation.
The central activities of this phase include the implementation of the solution in the desired productive environment and the transfer of the necessary knowledge to your employees. We would also be happy to support you in operating your solution.