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Are there any alternatives to Microsoft at all?
Yes there is. We are not talking about Apple OS or OpenOffice, but about basic services for modern corporate IT. These alternatives to Exchange, MS365 and Co. are mostly more open and flexible, often more secure (due to the lower prevalence) and almost always much cheaper. Without taking away the beloved office applications from the business user.


For example NOWS
The Novell Open Workgroup Suite from OpenText has an excellent price-performance ratio and contains (almost) everything you need for the “modern workforce”: modern file, printer and network services, centralized server management, highly potent endpoint configuration management with automated software -Distribution and endpoint security management, secure online access to files and even an Outlook replacement if you want.

“With Endpoint Management we have our Windows workstations firmly under control.” – Kessler AG

Asset and configuration management with Endpoint Security

With a well thought-out solution for end-user computing, IT can work more productively, with lower costs and higher security.

Do your employees work individually or in a team? Do you only work on a desktop or do you also use mobile devices? Are the majority of you in the office or do you also work from home or are you even traveling around the world? End-user computing includes the automatic setup of workstations, the distribution of applications and the creation, management and enforcement of guidelines and policies across all end devices in the entire organization. From towers to laptops and tablets to smartphones.

On the one hand, your employees must be able to access the required data on all devices at any time and at any location with the respective applications, and on the other hand, it must be ensured that only authorized persons have access to critical data.


Endpoint Management

With Endpoint Management, you simplify the management of device lifecycles on different platforms and at different locations, thus reducing administrative efforts and costs relatively quickly.
By standardizing and automating administrative tasks, we help you to reduce the complexity of IT processes and optimize central processes. We offer administration functions that cover change and configuration management as well as asset management and security management for desktops, notebooks, servers, tablets, smartphones and other network devices. This enables us to ensure that software is used legally (issue of licenses), enforce security guidelines and eliminate risks.
With policy-based automation, you can:

  • Increase administrative efficiency
  • Eliminate redundant administration tasks
  • Easily enforce security guidelines such as encryption or blocking of external devices
  • Respond faster to security problems
  • Ensure users are productive by providing them with a stable and safe environment
  • Roll out new applications and updates quickly and easily throughout the company
  • Set up workstations quickly, uniformly and in accordance with security standards

Collaboration & Communication

SKyPRO offers a comprehensive range of collaboration & communication solutions and supporting services. Our products and services promote productivity, accelerate innovation and facilitate communication. We reduce costs, complexity and risks with solutions based on over 30 years of experience. Trust our commitment.

Improving the productivity of individuals and teams
Today, employees often use tools for social collaboration in their private lives and thus give your company a great advantage. The pandemic has markedly strengthened this trend (but not triggered it). In the right hands, these tools can enormously increase innovation potential and productivity. The real-time social collaboration solutions we use open up new ways of working together and offer a high level of interoperability and security.

Administration of collaboration data
With the increasing use and spread of collaboration & communication, the volume of data created continues to rise. The much-cited information overload and the fact that business-critical data is distributed across different systems can present companies with a real challenge.
We offer you tools to manage the life cycle of your data and to synchronize the data across different business applications. E-mail archiving, for example, brings you clear functional added value and meets the relevant legal requirements.

File & Storage Management

Access files, data, network folders and other documents with less risk and easier implementation with OpenText Filr. End users love the convenience. And IT staff on how easy and secure Filr is. Simply open your Filr folder and you will have access to the latest version of all files – whether on your desktop, mobile device or web browser. And sharing it with others is a breeze.
Together with the solutions from our other partners such as Hewlet Packard Enterprise, Nakivo or SEP, we will build exactly the storage solution you need for you. Highly available, secure, compliant and including solid backup and restore. More on this under infrastructure.