FaxGwise integrates fax into your familiar environment.

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Send faxes by email with FaxGwise – Fax software based on fax via IP technology.

FaxGwise is an application package for sending, receiving, and managing fax messages with GroupWise, Exchange, and Gmail.

FaxGwise is a specially centralized fax solution (client and server) that ensures security and control of your documents.
It is a cost-effective solution for all companies that need to send or receive faxes from their Exchange, GroupWise, or Gmail environment.

Faxes are sent in a fully integrated form, with the help of a new document type “Fax”. The fax extensions appear completely in the “look and feel” of GroupWise, Exchange, or Gmail.

After calling up the “Send new fax” function, the recipient can be entered directly or selected from the GroupWise, Exchange, or Gmail address book. The subject line, the short text, etc. are automatically transferred to individually configurable fax templates (e.g. per department). All attachments are converted into fax format and sent with the template.

FaxGwise Set

FaxGwise Client

  • Easy installation
  • Sending and receiving faxes from your mailbox
  • Send faxes directly from Microsoft Office and Open Office
  • Integration in Microsoft Exchange, OpenText GroupWise or other email systems (via IMAP / SMTP protocol)
  • Access to mailbox address books
  • Sending faxes with the @@ command characters (without FaxGwise Client)
    Automated fax generation and transmission from scan directory (scan engine)
  • Custom watermarks or backgrounds / intuitive controls
  • Delayed and time-delayed faxes
  • Bulk fax
  • Detailed reporting of all incoming and outgoing faxes
  • Compatibility with ERP and CRM systems

FaxGwise Server

  • Connection to different types of communicators (ISDN, fax board modem)
  • Fax over IP compatible!
  • Integration in OpenText GroupWise and Microsoft Exchange or other email systems (via IMAP / SMTP protocol)
  • Multiple printing options for incoming faxes
  • Management of all incoming and outgoing faxes
  • Remote access to the management console
  • Increased compliance and security through intelligent routing
  • Email-2-Fax Gateway enables faxes to be sent and received independently of the email client
  • Backup and information recovery
  • Creation and adaptation of fax templates
  • Detailed reporting based on user requests
  • Connection with the FaxGwise Client via TCP / IP
  • FaxGwise Server clustering support
  • Flexible settings for sending faxes according to user-defined rules (dialing rules, delayed sending, print quality, error messages, etc.)