Lower the costs of your Role Based Access Control (RBAC) project and shorten the integration process of your role model.

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PowerRole – IDM AddOn for role-based access control


PowerRole is an extension for the OpenText Identity Manager. It automates the import of existing roles, resources, and the assignment of roles. You can schedule starting and ending dates for the roles. The assignment can be made with or without an approval process. This means that initial role models can be imported or mass changes to roles, resources or role assignments can be carried out within a few minutes.

PowerRole functions

PowerRole automatically...

… imports roles, resources, and role instructions:

  • Mass import of resources including entitlements from CSV text file
  • Bulk import of roles including entitlements, inherited roles and assigned resources from CSV text file
  • Replacement or addition of existing roles and resources
  • Assignment of name, description, authorized person, owner, workflow and approver

PowerRole enables ....

…. direct assignment of roles and resources to your employees:
  • Bulk import of role and resource assignments from CSV text file
  • Replacement or addition of existing role and resource assignments
  • Time-controlled activation or scheduling of role assignments
  • Performing an assignment with / without an approval process that is defined by the role


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