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Everything SaaS?

There are good reasons to use software as a service. But there are also situations in which you prefer to rely on your own infrastructure. Keywords are costs, data protection, data sovereignty, performance or compliance. Many of our customers rely on the proven solutions from Hewlet Packard Enterprise and VMware.

“We trust in the high availability of HPE” – Davos Klosters Bergbahnen

Data center services for successful companies

The data center is increasingly forming the basis of business and essential support for the growth of many companies. Provide your end users with the resources they need while lowering costs, mitigating risks, and maximizing the value of your IT resources. We support you in setting up and operating stable and high-performance data centers. Trust in our experience in the areas of clustering, virtualization, workload management as well as in the challenges of data management, backup and restore.

Server clustering

Do you have business-critical applications for which a downtime of a few minutes is problematic? Do your servers have to solve intensive computing tasks? Do you want to avoid the use of special computers and thus save costs? Build on our experience in server clustering.

Cluster servers offer solutions for a wide variety of applications:

  • High availability clusters – HA clusters increase availability and are used, for example, for better reliability. They are predestined for critical environments in which downtimes of a few minutes per year are permitted.
  • Load balancing clusters (LB clusters) are used to distribute the load over several machines. This means that inexpensive standard computers can be used instead of expensive specialized systems.
  • High-performance computing clusters (HPC clusters) support the processing of intensive computing tasks. HPC clusters are mostly found in science and research.


React faster and more efficiently to market dynamics with an automated data center built on tried and tested virtualization platforms. With the help of virtualization, you can make resources, applications, servers and networks available at any time and exactly where you need them. Virtualization usually saves over 50% of the total costs by consolidating your resource pools and providing highly available computers.

With our help, you will find the virtualization solution that suits your needs:

  • Hardware virtualization saves considerable hardware expenses, floor space in your data centers and lowers your energy costs. With this technology, you can easily make the resources (processor, memory and hard disk capacity) of the physically existing servers, which are usually only used up to a maximum of 30 percent, available to multiple virtual machines for shared use.
  • Server partitioning enables multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, etc. to be used on a single server. It uses the increasing performance of the hardware by combining many operating systems with low resource requirements on a few servers.
  • Storage virtualization increases the degree of utilization and thus the efficiency of your IT. Restructuring or expansion of the physical storage requirement goes unnoticed by the user and is easier for the administrator to handle.
  • Network virtualization optimizes the performance, reliability, flexibility, scalability and security of your networks. This virtualization is particularly effective in networks that are exposed to sudden, large or unforeseen load peaks.

Workload management

Workload Management enables the secure and compliant management and optimization of computing resources in physical, virtual and cloud environments, thus paving the way for the provision of business services to end customers.

  • Our methods for consolidating business-critical servers are both uncomplicated and secure, as they are based on the interaction of dynamic infrastructure, virtualization and identity management as well as the development of software appliances. If necessary, new workloads are added on the fly.
  • The data center consolidation solution, which we can offer together with our partners, offers the most comprehensive platform and hypervisor support in the industry, ie Windows, Linux and UNIX servers as well as virtual machines under VMware, Xen can be easily used and migrate Microsoft to the new data center. 

We reduce the risks associated with migrating multiple systems because once the workloads have been profiled and migrated, they can be fully tested in a new environment before they go live


Data security and data availability in heterogeneous environments is one of the most important tasks. This shows the massive increase and the success rate of ransomware attacks in recent years. Devices can be replaced, data may no longer be.
If you as a company want to comply with the law and behave as securely as possible, you have to archive your business correspondence, parts of your accounting and much more. Decisive criteria for the selection of a backup method are the speed of the backup itself and the speed and the level of detail during the restoration. We support you in choosing the best backup procedure for you:

  • In order to be able to back up large amounts of data in small time windows, we use special multiplex backup procedures for backing up file and operating systems. This significantly minimizes the time spent on planned and unplanned data backup tasks.
  • The backup solutions we use are certified for several virtualization solutions and reliably secure virtualized servers and their physical platforms. Access to individual files of the secured virtual server or the restoration of the entire virtual machine on image level is supported. The solutions with which we have entered into a partnership offer extensions that have been specially developed for virtual IT environments and that save you from a data disaster with little financial or time investment.
  • Online modules for backing up databases and applications enable end-of-lifetime (EOL) strategies, disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) archiving and point-in-time recovery, whereby only the necessary data is transferred. Manage your backups and redo logs both online and offline.
  • With a bare system recovery (BSR) you can quickly and safely restore a server with the operating system and all settings as well as all data. The BSR is even able to restore the entire system on a different piece of hardware than the original system.

Data management

Several saved versions of the same document, “forgotten” files from former employees, social media postings, pictures or films can cause the data volume to explode. In addition, regulatory requirements may force you to keep these files for 10 years or more.
With our data management solutions, we support you in organizing your data:

  • A comprehensive data governance solution offers effective protection against data loss and curbs the enormous flood of data in today’s office applications.
  • Automated file reporting provides you with evaluations of your terabytes of files so that you always know which files are on which servers and who has access to these files and why.
  • File migration ensures that important data is stored on fast online media, while less important data is automatically moved to cheaper data carriers. Nevertheless, all data is always available to users and auditors.