Audit, Compliance & Data Intelligence (ACDI)

Cutting-edge software that, like a Swiss army knife, perfectly assists you with:
Auditability, Evidence & Performance of your IAM related data

Auditability, Evidence, Performance.

The key factors to stay rock-solid and future-proof are: Audibility, Evidence and Performance. Achieving those is not “mission impossible”.

SKyPRO’s ACDI keeps you and your team in control 24/7 with full visibility, simplifying the policies enforcement and ensuring compliance. 

Compliance through Audibility

ACDI is the light-switch for your IDM environment.
Turn the lights on – see and know what is going on!

Avoid shutdown

Ensure you are complying with rules and regulations at any given time with all your data. 

Enhance transparency

Constantly know what your data looks like and what your IDM system is doing. Use this info to support internal and externally driven investigations or analyses.

Please auditors/requestors

Instantly create and deliver the reports you and your requestors need. Know and react to cyber risk exposures in real time to keep cybersecurity rock-solid.

Evidence, Forensics and Observability

Get a 360° degree view of your IDM environment.
Real-time forensic analysis of ALL data, current and past.

Fill a product gap

Instantly pull reports on all your IDM data. Automate complex reporting. Constantly know what your data looks like and what your IDM system is doing. 

Ease the job

Automation with scheduled individual reports for “requesters” allows you to simplify your Identity Management routine significantly. No more tedious IDM routine.


Adapt ACDI to your individual requirements easily. 

Key Features

Real-time dashboards:

  • The audit dashboard to show all events in the directory
  • The security dashboard to show live info about possible security gaps and attacks
  • The driver dashboard, you see which information was successfully transferred to the connected system through the driver channels
  • The workflow dashboard to see all ongoing and completed workflows
  • The compliance dashboard to compare the data status of objects.


  • Create individual audit reports over time periods and data selections
  • Export and mail reports in PDF, CSV or XLSX format.

Time Machine:

  • Delta Analysis: Compare individual objects at different times. Differences provide detailed information about processes and changes that would otherwise remain undiscovered. 
  • Restore individual or multiple objects at once to a previous state. It’s extremely valuable if something breaks.
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