As an individual customer, small companies still receive very good support and support. But when companies grow, more and more “rules” are introduced, which all employees have to implement without discussion. Companies are trying more and more to apply the “assembly line model” to services. Often there is absolutely no freedom of choice and no options. Many companies today see support more as cost centers than as an effective service to the customer

Also today all managers are crying out for optimization. A service such as support is increasingly being degraded to a pure cost center and must be optimized. This means that the costs have to be kept as low as possible. Many companies are starting to evaluate the efficiency of the support based on the number of questions solved. The weighting is clearly on the quantity and not the quality of the service. Everything should be distributed in drawers and then the customer should be fobbed off as quickly and efficiently as possible with standard answers. It is simply impossible to set up rules for everything and to divide all support cases into a few drawers.

Customer service in particular represents an optimal opportunity to be “human” and therefore also really tangible as a company. This direct contact with the customer in particular offers an ideal opportunity for social interaction. It is an ideal way to create a bond with customers, to show them that they are valued.

Good support solves problems, great support creates enthusiasm. We at SKyPRO are pursuing this latter approach as best we can. Our employees are trained to be as customer-oriented as possible in all situations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We certainly do not always succeed in this, but quite often. We are happy to leave the assessment to our customers. Scott Oyer from the University of St. Francis (Illinois, USA) finds the following:

“There’s good customer service and then there’s SKyPRO! Excellent support from day one! I couldn’t believe that such a high quality standard of support service even existed, “like” twice! “

The SKyPRO support follows the motto: “We not only solve problems: We want our customers to be enthusiastic about us”.