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Improve compliance and security within your Identity Management system through audit dashboards, reports, and data historization

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Master Identity Management with Audit and Compliance Dashboard

The Audit and Compliance Dashboard (ACD) is a powerful, flexible, and user-friendly add-on for NetIQ Identity Manager from OpenText.
It enables monitoring of the Identity Management system, drivers, and workflows in real time. Moreover, it shows exactly when an attribute was changed for specific objects. This Identity Management tool also enables compliance monitoring and review of all the events that have taken place with users, groups, roles, etc., in the last days, weeks, month(s), or more.

For a more complete and powerful Identity Management solution, the NetIQ Identity Manager can be combined with the Audit and Compliance Dashboard to fill the gaps left by missing functionalities related to directory monitoring and reporting.
Applying the ACD to the NetIQ Identity Manager adds security to the Identity Management environment, as all events within the driver channels are monitored (including status messages received from the connected system). Compliance is also improved using the integrated object history browser along with its comprehensive and comparatively easy-to-manage reporting.


Extensions and new functions

  • New user interface
  • New additional standard reports
  • A greatly simplified installation procedure
    • All Audit and Compliance Dashboard components are preconfigured for a standard installation
    • A “wizard” to install AutoStart scripts and configure the audit server
  • More security thanks to the full SSL encryption via HTTPS / LDAPS communication
  • Support for Elasticsearch 6 and Kibana 6
    • New uniform visualisation builder
    • Support of mobile devices
    • Graphics that are easy to copy and embed
  • It is now possible to monitor driver events (Designer Package) without having to create eDirectory objects (directly in Elasticsearch or Logstash).
    • This considerably saves system resources, increases speed, and massively reduces response times.
  • Filter “Average Duration”:
    • Thanks to this new function, the workflows can be easily filtered based on their duration (in seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc.).
  • Additional regex filters for the dashboards (Kibana 6.x):
    • This new filter enables specific users to access specific dashboards.
  • Integration of the Elasticsearch (ES) migration tool, which enables:
    • Migration of data between different versions of Elasticsearch
    • Backup & restore of the indices
    • Copy indexes from different versions of ES.

Audit & Compliance Dashboard Functions


  • Individual audit reports over time periods and data selections according to individual filters
  • Creation of an individual backup schedule for tracking object data
  • Selection of predefined reports for users, groups, roles, role assignments, etc.
  • The integrated report wizard allows you to create your own reports in just a few steps
  • You can use the Report Editor to modify the reports supplied and the reports created with the Wizard
  • Export and mailing of all reports in PDF, CSV or XLSX format
  • The Driver Report allows you to view all the events processed by Identity Management drivers during a selected time period. You can see which objects have been added / changed / deleted.
  • The workflow report shows the process information and the status for workflows with activated monitoring.
  • Scheduled report processing with automatic delivery enables you to schedule reports based on filters and set up automatic delivery via email
  • Thanks to the object comparison, you can easily display and conveniently compare every change in object attributes between time snapshots.


  • The audit dashboard shows all events in the directory monitoring in real time with time stamp, object name, attribute, old and new value including author
  • See live information about possible security gaps and attacks in the security dashboard
  • In the driver dashboard, you can see which information was successfully transferred to the connected system through the driver channels
  • In the workflow dashboard you can see all ongoing and completed workflows with applicant, recipient, status and duration
  • With the compliance dashboard you can compare the data status of objects from different periods of time.

Historical object browser

  • Backup of the directory according to your individual schedule
  • On the basis of the individual directory backups, you can use the Tree Browser object to search through historical data
  • Display and export of the individual object data in LDIF format
  • Restoration of individual objects via an LDIF export
  • The Object Compare Mode enables the comparison of individual objects from different snapshots. Differences can be searched for and shown.


ACD 3.x Driver Installation Guide

ACD 3.x Monitor Installation Guide


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